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DONGLING is a trusted provider of high-precision vibration test instruments. Our power amplifier, environmental test chamber, and other fine products are renowned for their accuracy and performance. DONGLING--resonate.

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    1. Air-cooled Vibration Test System
    2. Air-cooled Vibration Test SystemInnovative technique and structure of the reinforced ring of armature winding has significantly improved vibration resistance under conditions of large forces, high-acceleration vibration, huge impact, and high temperature.
    1. Water-cooled Vibration Test System
    2. Water-cooled Vibration Test SystemThe water-cooled vibration test system is characterized by large force, great bearing capacity, and high cooling efficiency. It is used extensively for testing big components and complete machines in different industries such as aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, weapons, automobile, etc.
    1. Three-axis Vibration Test System
    2. Three-axis Vibration Test SystemThis tri-axis vibration tester can reproduce the fault mode occurred outfield but hardly recurrent in the single axial test. It helps simulate the vibration environment in the entire process during use.
    1. Power Amplifier
    2. Power Amplifier The intelligent power amplifier consists of the logical unit and the power unit. It is a small-sized, lightweight and high-performance electronic device, providing numerous remarkable advantages such as the compact structure ...
    1. Environmental Test Chamber
    2. Environmental Test Chamber The environmental test chamber is specially designed to meet the requirements of comprehensive tests for the related temperature, humidity, and the vibration. Also, it takes full account of various working conditions.
    1. SY-10 Hydraulic Free Fall Shock Machine
    2. SY-10 Hydraulic Free Fall Shock Machine A combination of hydraulic balance lifting system and multi-rack guide column with large strength margin ensures stable lifting action and no noise. The cast aluminum-magnesium alloy table is optimally designed, featuring high stiffness and small high-frequency clutter.
    1. SY-11 Pneumatic Free Fall Shock Machine
    2. SY-11 Pneumatic Free Fall Shock Machine The SY-11 pneumatic free fall shock machine is a newly-designed type of shock and bump test equipment. It features simple operation, convenient maintenance, and high degree of automation. The tester is suitable for all sorts of shock tests such as the conventional half-sine wave, post-peak sawtooth wave, square wave, and more.
    1. SY-14 Shock Response Spectrum Machine (SRS)
    2. SY-14 Shock Response Spectrum Machine (SRS) The SY-14 shock response spectrum machine, abbreviated as SRS machine, is used to measure the anti-shock performance of electronic products or packages. It determines whether specimens maintain reliable functions and complete structures ...