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Environmental Test Chamber

    1. Environmental Test Chamber (Temperature, Humidity and Vibration) The environmental test chamber is specially designed to meet the requirements of comprehensive tests for the related temperature, humidity, and the vibration. Also, it takes full account of various working conditions. This product is broadly applicable for the stress screening test, identification test, and the reliability test of integrated environment ...
    1. Environmental Test Chamber (Temperature, Humidity, Altitude and Vibration) The environmental test chamber simulates needed environmental conditions to perform material testing, performance tests, function tests and ageing testing on instrumentions, electronic components, composites in material technology, aerospace, electronics, etc. Various environmental testing conditions can be created with humidity, altitude, high/low temperature and vibration to meet demanding testing requirements.
    1. HALT & HASS Chamber HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) are widely used to test stress levels and to identify process and design defects under various working conditions. This maximizes product reliability in various industries including automotive, electronics, computer, medical and so on. This HALT and HASS chamber can be combined with various vibration tables to meet different testing needs.