December 2012
DONGLING won the title of "China Well-known Trademark". We became the first company which had obtained the honor within industry.

September 2012
1. DONGLING succeeded in developing numerous new products and typical non-standard products including the 50ton electrodynamic vibration test system, 8 sets of 6-DoF electrodynamic vibration test systems, 50ton hydraulic vibration tester, middle-sized shock test machine (vertical or horizontal), and the fatigue test system, among others.

2. The Exhibition of Innovation Driven Development Achievements and the Exchange Conference of Integration of Military and Civilian was ceremoniously held by our company in Suzhou. The Manned Space Engineering Office of General Armament Department and well-known academicians extended congratulations to our company.

May 2012
1. The "ES Series Electrodynamic Vibration Test System" project undertaken by DONGLING was listed into "the 2012 Annual National Torch Plan Project" by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

2. DONGLING united with the national key laboratories of Southwest Jiaotong University and the Rail Transportation Research Institute of Changzhou Southwest Jiaotong University to establish the rail-transit vibration damping performance test laboratory. This lab was officially inaugurated.

3. The "Aero-Engine Advanced Materials, Manufacturing and Testing Technology Seminar" was held in Suzhou. It was hosted by the Aero Engine Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and the Committee of Engineering and Materials of "Thousands of People Plan" Expert Association. It was undertaken by Dongling Vibration Test Instrument Co., Ltd.

December 2011
Our company made a positive contribution to the perfect docking of "Tiangong-1" and "Shenzhou-8". Therefore, DONGLING was awarded the "Certificate of Technological Innovation Enterprise" by the China Federation of Industry and Commerce. We became the sole company which had received this honor.

December 2010
The international scientific and technological cooperation project called "Development of Full-Digital Power Amplifier and High-End Controller" undertaken by our company successfully passed the acceptance inspection by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The 35ton large-force electrodynamic vibration test system developed by our company left our factory successfully, which achieved a breakthrough.

October 2009
The VIBSTAR controller developed by Aimeng Technology went public officially.

September 2009
A large-scale vibration test service platform of DONGLING was officially completed and put into use. In addition, laboratories were established by DONGLING and Northwestern Polytechnical University.

August 2009
DONGLING signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Poly Technologies Inc.

March 2009
"ES-350-870/LTT2525 type (350KN) electrodynamic vibration test system" of DONGLING passed the technological achievement appraisal organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

February 2009
Hangzhou Aimeng Technology Co., Ltd. successfully developed the Amber vibration controller, and also completed commercialization. Both DONGLING electrodynamic shaker and exciter obtained Europe CE certification.

November 2008
DONGLING achieved the title of "Excellent Supporter for the China's Manned Space Flight Project".

July 2008
Our company founded Suzhou Changling Measurement Technology Co., Ltd. to offer specialized mechanical environment and reliability test services. This company took lead in completing the transformation from a single maker to both manufacturer and service provider within industry.

May 2008
As a Sino-American joint venture, Suzhou Aite Dongling Automotive Test System Co., Ltd. came into existence.

April 2008
We moved into the Suzhou Science and Technology City. DONGLING Science Park covered an area of 50 acres. Our modern plants and offices occupied an area of up to 24,000m2. Since then, our company had achieved rapid growth.

October 2007
Hangzhou Aimeng Technology Co., Ltd. was established by our company. It specialized in the research and development of high-end vibration controllers.

February 2007
The 16-ton electrodynamic vibration test system was listed into the Torch Program by the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province. Our 50000g high acceleration shock tester was identified as the National Key New Product.

January 2007
DONGLING ceremoniously held the World's Largest 35-ton Electrodynamic Vibration Test System Achievement Summary and the 4th International Marketing Conference. The news was reported by CCTV.

July 2006
Our 16ton electrodynamic vibration test system and 50000g high-acceleration shock test machine passed the technological achievement appraisal by the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense. Our company cooperated with the Research Institute of Northwestern Polytechnical University to establish "Suzhou Siliyo S&T Co., Ltd.".

January 2006
DONGLING held the 3rd International Vibration Conference.

December 2005
Five kinds of technological products of DONGLING passed the technological achievement appraisal by the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province.

February 2005
The world's largest 480kVA power amplifier was developed by DONGLING. It was first sold to America.

November 2004
Jiangsu Province Suzhou High-Tech Venture Investment Co., Ltd. became a new shareholder of DONGLING.

April 2004
The 16 ton water-cooled vibration test system was produced by DONGLING. It allowed our company to become the world's third largest vibration test system manufacturer.

March 2004
DONGLING participated in the International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in Hamburg, Germany. The news came as a huge shock around the world.

December 2003
Our company was awarded the certificate of "China's First Manned Spaceflight" by the China Manned Space Office.

August 2003
DONGLING established a new plant with its area of 8,000m2 in Suzhou High Technology Zone. The new was reported by CCTV with the title of From "Made in Jiangsu" to "Created in Jiangsu".

June 2003
We moved to No.9 Jinzhuang Street on Jinfeng Road for the fifth time.

August 2002
Our company was moved to No.58 Beiyuan Road where there was a Peacock TV factory. Our plant covered an area of 2,400m2.

January 2002
The largest Chinese air-cooled vibration test system (6 ton) was developed by DONGLING.

August 2001
DONGLING was the first company which had passed the ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification within industry.

Year 1999
Our company was moved to No.17 Beiyuan Road for the third time. Its area was expanded from 800m2 to 1,400m2.

July 1998
DONGLING won the title of "Jiangsu Province High Technology Enterprise".

Year 1997
Our company was moved to No.10 Yushan Road with the plant area of 400m2.

August 1996
Our company was officially registered with registered capital of 500,000 RMB in Suzhou High Tech Zone.

Year 1995
DONGLING was founded in Suzhou Dongling Electronic Instrument Factory in Pingjiang District.

January 1995
Our company was inaugurated with only 8 employees and 80,000 RMB in an 80m2 shabby shed.