Research, Development and Production

1. The concept of customer value orientation urges us to provide customers with perfect tester solutions. It requires an assurance on powerful technology and manufacturing capacity. What’s more, it needs each member of DONGLING to understand and sublimate his own value.

2. DONGLING has gathered scholars, professors, scientific experts, technical experts, and testing experts from various industries such as aerospace, aviation, electronics, weapons, etc. Our company now employs 78 scientific researchers. Among them, 39 employees have received the equivalent of a master’s degree or higher.

3. Our national-level senior researchers have over 40 years of experience in the development of vibration test equipment. Our experts have approximately 20 years of experience in researching vibration test machines. In addition, we have senior engineers, control software engineers, hardware development engineers, process design engineers, and other professional technicians.

4. In DONGLING, there are mechanical processing shops, mechanical assembly shops, electronic assembly shops, and instrument assembly shops. Also, we have established a technology department to complete the wire-wrapping, welding, and ageing tests. Our total production area reaches 30,000m2.

5. In addition, our company has built the new product development and design offices, mechanics laboratories, environmental laboratories, and the electrical laboratories. Our manufacturing department is divided into 3 production workshops including the electrical assembly shop, mechanical processing shop, and the total assembly shop.

6. In August 2001, our company first passed the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification within industry. The quality of our products is monitored and improved in strict compliance with the system standard. All our staff is engaged in the entire quality management process.

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