Power Amplifier

1. The power amplifier consists of the logical unit and the power unit. It is a small-sized, lightweight and high-performance electronic device, providing numerous remarkable advantages such as the compact structure, flexible configuration, high energy efficiency, easy installation, intelligent manipulation, and more.

2. All key components are purchased from multiple world-renowned companies such as Motorola, Fairchild, and Mitsubishi. Their quality is dependable.

3. The adoption of a new generation of digital product improves the vibration testing system, and also opens up a broad prospect for Chinese electro-dynamic vibration test systems. It facilitates the development of electrodynamic vibration system towards the direction of high power and large excitation force.

4. This series of power amplifier can substitute for the same model supplied by other manufacturers.

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Performance Characteristics
1. Several power units work in parallel by adoption of flexible methods. Based on actual needs, users can increase or decrease either power modules or power supply modules. There is no need to replace rack.

2. The use of a power factor compensation device allows the power factor of our product to reach 95%. Also, it allows the electricity capacity to be fully utilized.

3. By adopting automatic current-sharing technology, the parallel operation current unbalance reaches at most 1%.

4. In addition, the power amplifier features high signal-to-noise ratio and small waveform distortion, due to the adoption of sinusoidal pulse width modulation technology.

5. The use of IGBT modules provides large power margin. Single effective peak power is higher than 20kVA.

6. The adoption of soft switching resonant control technology offers high conversion efficiency and superb electromagnetic compatibility.

7. The conversion efficiency of power modules is up to 95%. The switching amplifier adopts forced air cooling technology.

Advantages of IGBT Modules
1. High input impedance, small gate-drive power, and simple drive circuit

2. Fast switching speed, and short turn-off time

3. Large area of safe operation
The power amplifier is not easily damaged when in use. The current density of IGBT is generally 10 times as high as that of MOSEFT. The RDS (on) of IGBT is usually 10% of that of MOSEFT. Its saturation voltage is lowered.

A New Type Digital Power Amplifier

Technical Parameters

Power Range 1 ~480kVA
Output Voltage 100V
Input Impedance ≥10k Ω
Signal-to-Noise Ratio ≥65dB
Harmonic Distortion (Resistive Load) ﹤1.0% (typical value)
Output Voltage Measurement Error ≤5%
Output Current Measurement Error ≤5%
Output Current ≤4800A (120A step increase)
Output Current Crest Factor ≥3
DC Stability Output terminal zero drift ≥50mv/8h
Frequency Response DC~5000Hz ±3dB
Medium-Frequency Gain ≥80
DC/AC Conversion Efficiency ﹥95%
Nature of the Load Optional of resistive, capacitive, inductive
Parallel Operation Current Unbalance ≤1%
Mean Time between Failures (MTBF) ﹥3000h
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