ESD Series

Modal Exciter

The ESD series modal exciter is a micro-vibration shaker, which features wide band, high energy efficiency, high stability, and reliable performance. It is broadly applicable for modal and structural analysis in various industries such as aerospace, military, communications, automobiles, electronics, household appliances, etc. This kind of mini shaker is also used extensively in laboratories as well as the education and scientific research industry.

Wide Band
The usable frequency range of the table body is from 5 to 4,000Hz. It can be also seen in the following parameter list.

Permanent Magnet Structure
Applied in the modal exciter, the permanent magnet structure allows magnetic field strength to be maximized while simultaneously minimizing volume. It can offer extremely high energy efficiency. Also, it does not require a power amplifier to provide excitation power. As a result, this simplified structure can enormously reduce heat generation.

Modern Assembly Line
The modern assembly line established by DONGLING is specially used for assembling this series of modal shaker, and then achieving large-scale production. The advanced production line provides a guarantee that sufficient goods are supplied to markets at home and abroad.

Additionally, large-scale production can greatly reduce cost, which provides the product with high price-performance ratio. An outstanding quality control system of DONGLING allows the performance and quality of our modal exciters to be far superior to these from other manufactures.

Technical Parameters

Model ESD-010 ESD-045
Sine Force (peak) 200N 450N
Usable Frequency Range 10 - 4000Hz 5 - 3000Hz
Max. Displacement 25mm 25mm
Max. Velocity 1.6m/s 1.6m/s
Max. Acceleration 450m/s2 1000m/s2
Effective Mass of Moving Elements 0.7kg 0.45kg
Weight 10kg 25kg
Dimension (L×W×H) 239mm×152mm×220mm 239mm×152mm×220mm
Power Amplifier Model PA-1200 PA-1200
Cooling Type Air-cooled blower model EUP-100D Air-cooled blower model EUP-100D
Power Supply Requirement AC 220 V ± 10%. 50 Hz. 1,300 VA
Working Environment Requirement Temperature range 0~40°C
Humidity range ≤80% (non condensing)
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