ESS Series

Electrodynamic Shaker

Performance Features
1. The ESS series electrodynamic shaker has extremely wide frequency range.
2. As a vibration test system, this product comes with a miniature table. It adopts screws to firmly fasten fixtures and specimens.
3. It features high performance, high reliability, and more.
4. Due to compact structure and light weight, this vibration test machine is convenient to be moved and carried.
5. Extremely high first-order resonance frequency
6. High energy efficiency

Typical Applications
This series of electrodynamic shaker is used extensively in the accelerometer calibration, as well as the separation and screening of small specimens. It is often utilized by labs as well as the education and scientific research industry. This product is an ideal type of small-specimen testing equipment.

Technical Parameters

Model ESS-015 ESS-025 ESS-050
Sine Force (peak) 150N 250N 500N
Usable Frequency Range 5-10000Hz 5-6000Hz 5-10000Hz
Max. Displacement (p-p) 6mm 10mm 16mm
Max. Velocity 1.2m/s 1.2m/s 1.2m/s
Max. Acceleration 200m/s2 250m/s2 300m/s2
Max. Load 2kg 2.5kg 20kg
Effective Mass of Moving Elements 0.75kg 1kg 1.7kg
First-Order Resonance Frequency 7000Hz 7000Hz 8000Hz
Table Diameter 95mm 95mm 120mm
Weight 85kg 85kg 95kg
Dimension (L×W×H) 320mm×30mm×60mm 320mm×30mm×60mm 440mm×30mm×70mm
Power Amplifier PA-1200 PA-1200 PA-1200
Cooling Type Natural cooling Natural cooling Air-cooled
Power Supply Requirement AC 220 V ±10%, 50 Hz, 1,300 VA
Working Environment Requirement Temperature range 0~40°C
Humidity range ≤90% (non condensing)
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