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Environmental Test Chamber

1. The environmental test chamber is specially designed to meet the requirements of comprehensive tests for the related temperature, humidity, and the vibration. Also, it takes full account of various working conditions.

2. This product is broadly applicable for the stress screening test, identification test, and the reliability test of integrated environment with fast-changing temperature.

3. We provide a full set of comprehensive environment testing system to guarantee its optimal performance. Hence, there is no need for users to spend much time, efforts and expenditure on splicing an integrated system.

Performance Features
1. Dual-refrigeration system provides distinguished refrigeration performance.

2. The operating system of our environmental test chamber is dynamically monitored by a computer. It can be automatically started up after power recovery. As a result, downtime is greatly reduced.

3. The environmental test chamber is used for testing combined environment including the vibration, temperature, humidity, and more.

4. State-of-the-art touch screen control technology gives convenience for editing programs.

5. Removable chamber bottom plate can be connected with all kinds of electrodynamic vibration shakers.

6. A wide field of vision is offered by insulated multi-layer observation window.

Main Technical Parameters

Climate Chamber Capacity 225~10000L
Humidity Range 20~98% RH
Temperature Range -70~180℃
Temperature Change Rate 1~10℃/min
Matching Vibration Shaker ES series

1. Integrated environmental reliability test
2. Reliability growth test
3. Reliability qualification test
4. Product reliability acceptance test
5. Routine test
6. Stress screening (ESS) test

Connection Type of Vibration Table and Temperature Control Box

  • Directly connect table with
    test chamber
  • Connect table with test
    chamber through a connector
  • Connect table with test
    chamber through an auxiliary
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