Pneumatic Drop Tester

The SY-41 pneumatic drop tester is a newly-designed packaging testing machine in compliance with ISTA packing test standard. It is mainly used to check the drop impact resistance of the large packages when being shifted, transported, loaded or unloaded. The pneumatic test system allows the drop tests of the faces, edges and corners with different height to be easily completed.

Functions and Characteristics
1. Driven by air pressure, the pneumatic drop tester is clean, safe and general-purposed.

2. High-strength aluminum alloy frame features nice exterior and high durability.

3. All wear parts are commonly-used components in the market. They are extremely convenient to be maintained.

4. Human-oriented and streamlined-exterior design allows the controller to be good-looking and user-friendly.

5. Real-time display and arbitrary adjustment of the lifting height can meet the requirements of different users.

6. The restriction of upper and lower displacements guarantees safe and reliable operation.

7. The use of a bilateral four-rail guiding system provides high precision and stable lifting process.

8. The face, edge and corner drop test is available in our pneumatic drop tester.

9. A special foundation is not required by the materials testing machine.

Technical Parameters

Model SY41-100 SY41-200 SY41-300 SY41-500 SY41-1000
Max. Load (kg) 100 200 300 500 1000
Drop Height (mm) 0-1000 0-1000 0-1000 0-800 0-800
Specimen Size (mm) 1000x1000 x1000 1200x1200 x1200 1200x1200 x1200 1200x1200 x1200 1200x1200 x1200
Size of Bottom Plate (mm) 2100x1600 2400 x1600 2400x1600 2400x1600 2400x1600
Test Mode Face, Edge, Corner Face, Edge, Corner Face, Edge, Corner Face, Edge, Corner Face, Edge, Corner
Dimension (L×W×H: mm) 2100x1600 x2800 2400x1600 x3100 2400x1600 x3100 2400x1600 x3100 2400x1600 x3100
Power Consumption (kVA) 1.5 2.2 3 4 5.5
Weight (kg) 1200 1400 1400 1500 1500
Control Cabinet (mm) 500 x 1360 x 470
Power Supply Three-phase 380V, 50/60Hz
Standard GB/T4857.5 IS02243 - 1985(E) GB/T2423.5 IEC68-2-27
ASTM D 5276-1998 ISTA 1 A/1 B:2001
Working Environment Temperature range 0~40°C
Humidity range ≤80% (non condensing)
Remark Both drop height and package size can be customized in accordance with the needs of our users. The maximum drop height can reach 4m.
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