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Mechanical Vibration Tester

  • SY80-30
  • SY80-70A

The SY-80 mechanical vibration tester features are reasonable structure, reliable running, and easy operation. As a test machine, it can be applied in the vertical-state vibration resistance tests of the electronic components, instruments, mechanical and electrical goods, and other specimens in laboratories and production lines.

Functions and Characteristics
1. The mechanical vibration tester can realize table work or wheeled movable work.

2. Except for SY80-30, the vibration analysis equipment is divided into fixed-frequency type and variable-frequency type.

Main Specifications

Model SY80-30 SY80-50 SY80-50A SY80-70 SY80-70A
Max. Load (kg) 30 50 70
Working Frequency Range (Hz) 50 50 30-60 50 30-60
*Max. Acceleration (m/s2) 75 150
*Max. Displacement (P~P) (mm) 1.5 2.5
Working Table Size (mm) 400x350 400x600 400x600
Vibration Mode Electro-magnetic Single-group centrifugal Single-group centrifugal
Vibration Direction Vertical
Dimension (L×W×H: mm) 400x350x280 600x400x720 600 x 400 x 720
Power Consumption (kVA) 1 0.5 0.6
Weight (kg) 45 120
Power Supply 220 380 220 380 220
Working Environment Temperature range 0~40°C
Humidity range ≤80% (non condensing)

* Bare table specification

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