Incline Impact Tester

The SY-15 incline impact tester can simulate the impact resistance of packages in various real situations such as the handling, shelves stacking, motor sliding, locomotive loading and unloading, and the conveyance, etc.

Also, this product acts as a common test facility to supply incline shock in different places including the research institutions, colleges, packaging technology testing center, packaging material factories, international trade departments, and the transportation departments, among others.

Functions and Characteristics
1. Flexible positioning electric pulley of our incline shock test system is convenient for fixing position. It can realize variable speed required.

2. Low height of the pulley gives convenience for the mounting of specimens by our user.

3. Specimens are easily installed on the horizontal pulley table that can be adjusted.

4. Remote controlled operation provides adequate assurance on the safety of test personnel.

5. During installation, customers are only required to fix the incline impact tester on the ground. Other complicated operation or installation is not needed. The test is really convenient.

Main Specifications

Model SY15-100 SY15-200 SY15-300 SY15-500 SY15-800 SY15-1000 SY15-1500 SY15-2000
Load (kg) 100 200 300 500 800 1000 1500 2000
Size of Shock Plate (mm) 1600 x 2000 2100x2000 2400 x 2000 2400x2000
Max. Slide Length (mm) 2000 (To customized) 1600 (To customized) 1600 (To customized) 1600 (To customized)
Slope Degree 10°± 1°
Shock-End Velocity 2.608 2.608 2.334 2.334 2.334 2.334 2.334 2.334
Error of Shock Velocity ≤±5% ≤±5% ≤±5% ≤±5%
Carrier Table Size (mm) 1000x1000 1200x1200 1500x1500 2400 x2400
Dimension (mm) 6520x1600x2500 6320x2100x3000 7600x2400x3200 11500x2500x3500
Power Supply AC 380V±10% , 50/60Hz, 1.1kVA AC380V±10%
50/60Hz, 2.2kVA
AC 380V±10%
50/60Hz, 10kVA
Working Environment Temperature range 0~40°C
Humidity range ≤80% (non condensing)
Remark The max. shock-end velocity can reach 4.5m/s.
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