Shock Bump Tester

The SY-20 shock bump tester is ideal for simulating the repeatable shock suffered by electronic components, equipment sets, and other electronic goods when being transported or used. As a crash-test machine, this product can accomplish conventional crash test indicators.

Functions and Features
1. The shock and bump frequency is high. It can be automatically adjusted by users according to input frequency. Convenient shock operation is available.

2. Both test time and shock times can be set. The shock bump tester is automatically turned off after the completion of a test. It is easily operated by our user.

3. For better securing the testing system, a controller is adopted to offer different functions including the door protection, galloping protection, and the zero signal protection.

4. The adaptive control of drop height of the bump test equipment guarantees shock repeatability.

Technical Data

Model SY20-50 SY20-100 SY20-200B
Load (kg) 50 100 200
Table Size (mm) 500x700 500 x 700 500 x 700
Shock Waveform Half-sine
Peak Acceleration (m/s2) 50-1000 50-1000 50-400
Pulse Duration (ms) 20-3 20-3 20-3
Max. Bump Frequency (time/min) 80 80 80
Max. Drop Height (mm) 60 60 60
Dimension (L×W×H: mm) 920 x 700x1240 920 x 700x1240 920 x 700x1240
Power Consumption (kVA) 2.2
Weight (kg) 1100 1100 1800
Power Supply Three-phase 380V, 50Hz
Measure and Control System Shock DAQ computer-controlled measuring system
Standard GJB150 GJB360 GB/T2423 IEC68-2-29
Note 1. Both maximum acceleration and maximum bump frequency are bare-table specifications.
2. SY20-200B is referred to a bump tester. No shock test function is available.
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