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Shock/Bump/Drop/Constant Acceleration/Transportation Test System

    1. SY-10 Hydraulic Free Fall Shock Machine A combination of hydraulic balance lifting system and multi-rack guide column with large strength margin ensures stable lifting action and no noise.
      The cast aluminum-magnesium alloy table is optimally designed, featuring high stiffness and small high-frequency clutter.
    1. SY-11 Pneumatic Free Fall Shock Machine The SY-11 pneumatic free fall shock machine is a newly-designed type of shock and bump test equipment. It features simple operation, convenient maintenance, and high degree of automation. The tester is suitable for all sorts of shock tests such as the conventional half-sine wave, post-peak sawtooth wave, square wave, and more.
    1. SY-12 Horizontal Pneumatic Shock Test MachineThe SY-12 horizontal pneumatic shock test machine is referred to a horizontal impact tester. It is primarily used to simulate shock environments for the horizontal emission test of irreversible optoelectronic systems and elongated goods.
    1. SY-13 High Acceleration Shock TesterIn addition, the high-g shock testing device adopts the method of air-pressure reverse thrust or spring accumulation to raise initial velocity. It can easily realize all kinds of acceleration by adjusting inflation pressure. If equipped with a waveform amplifier, the high acceleration shock tester can achieve ultra-high acceleration.
    1. SY-14 Shock Response Spectrum Machine (SRS) The SY-14 shock response spectrum machine, abbreviated as SRS machine, is used to measure the anti-shock performance of electronic products or packages. It determines whether specimens maintain reliable functions and complete structures in shock environments.
    1. SY-15 Incline Impact TesterAlso, this product acts as a common test facility to supply incline shock in different places including the research institutions, colleges, packaging technology testing center, packaging material factories, international trade departments, and the transportation departments, among others.
    1. SY-20 Shock Bump TesterThe shock and bump frequency is high. It can be automatically adjusted by users according to input frequency. Convenient shock operation is available.
      Both test time and shock times can be set. The shock bump tester is automatically turned off after the completion of a test. It is easily operated by our user.
    1. SY-30 Centrifugal Constant Acceleration TesterThe constant acceleration testing machine is fit for evaluating the structural integrity of some components as well as the electrical parameters of specimens under constant acceleration.
      The SY-30 centrifugal constant acceleration tester is used to check whether the structural adaptability and performance are in good condition ...
    1. SY-31 Centrifugal Constant Acceleration TesterThe SY-31 centrifugal constant acceleration tester is used to examine whether the components, equipment sets, and other electronic goods suffered by the force (except gravity) at constant acceleration can offer normal operation and structural load bearing capacity in expected service environments.
    1. SY-40 Drop TesterThe SY-40 drop tester is primarily used to simulate anti-drop and anti-shock properties of large and heavy packages. It can complete drop tests along the direction of the edges, surfaces and corners of specimens. The drop test system is perfect for examining the drop bearing capacity of packaging materials during transportation and handling process.
    1. SY-41 Pneumatic Drop TesterThe SY-41 pneumatic drop tester is a newly-designed packaging testing machine in compliance with ISTA packing test standard. It is mainly used to check the drop impact resistance of the large packages when being shifted, transported, loaded or unloaded. The pneumatic test system allows the drop tests of the faces, edges and corners with different height to be easily completed.
    1. SY-50 Transport Simulation Tester It provides a basis for the assessment or confirmation of goods and their packages according to the impact of actual conditions on the loading, unloading, transport, packing, sealing, or internal goods in lab tests.
    1. SY-70 Hydraulic Vibration TesterThe vibration testing equipment is applicable for the simulation of vibration suffered by the automobile, auto parts, various buildings, steel structures, aerospace goods, and the mechanical and electrical goods in actual environments. This will result in structure optimization and cost reduction.
    1. SY-80 Mechanical Vibration TesterAs a test machine, it can be applied in the vertical-state vibration resistance tests of the electronic components, instruments, mechanical and electrical goods, and other specimens in laboratories and production lines.

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