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Electrodynamic Vibration Test System

    1. Air-cooled Vibration Test System The air-cooled vibration test system has features of high first-order resonance frequency and wide frequency range. Innovative technique and structure of the reinforced ring of armature winding has significantly improved vibration resistance under conditions of large forces, high-acceleration vibration, huge impact, and high temperature.
    1. Water-cooled Vibration Test System The water-cooled vibration test system is characterized by large force, great bearing capacity, and high cooling efficiency. It is used extensively for testing big components and complete machines in different industries such as aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, weapons, automobile, etc.
    1. Slip TableThe slip table can be coordinated with an electro-dynamic vibration shaker to carry out three-direction vibration tests. Its small carrier (table) weight helps improve the overall load capacity. In other words, the test platform can support the load with a larger size and greater weight. Based on connection methods, this product is categorized into integrated type and split type.
    1. Three-axis Vibration Test System The three-axis vibration test system is able to stimulate the vibration environment in practical use processes realistically. It improves the over-test and short-test of complex test pieces, which allows the comparability of laboratory evaluation results and the actual service environment of our product to be enhanced.
    1. Head ExpanderThe VT series product undergoes finite element modal analysis. Its quality is guaranteed with superior structure, materials, and workmanship.
      The extended table has stringent requirements for the working frequency, table weight, table acceleration, amplitude uniformity, and the lateral movement, etc.
    1. Cooling UnitThe CU series cooling unit is specially designed and manufactured for the heat dissipation of water-cooled electrodynamic vibration generator. This cooler is mainly composed of the stainless steel or brass water pump, stainless steel heat exchanger, water pressure regulating valve, pressure gauge, flow switch, level alarm switch, water tank, and the pipelines.
    1. Power Amplifier Intelligent Power Amplifier PA/MP Series Power Amplifier
    1. Options and FixturesThe options include a magnetic and pneumatic centering system, abbreviated as MPCS system. This system is used for automatically centering the equilibrium position of armature. The automatic centering device overcomes magnetic-field interference of electrodynamic shaker. It is suitable for use in different displacement of electrodynamic vibration system.
    1. Special Products for Vibration Test ESD Series Modal Exciter ESS Series Electrodynamic Shaker
    1. Vibration Controller Amber Vibration Controller Vibstar Vibration Controller

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